There are many good products around the world, in ASEAN there are unique, exotic, high quality products and produces that we want to introduce to the world. As our mission is to help sellers maximize return to their efforts, we believe the best effort is to make use of our expertise in product development, logistics and marketing to add value to their products. Similar to our buyers, we offer them a full set of services that allows them to acquire the products they need worries-free. Read further to see how we add value to both buyers and sellers…

Turning low value commodities into high value products

An extra mile can means a lot. Fresh keeping packaging, additional flavor, adjustments to international power outlets, only to name a few. Our group of international advisers can help turn a simple, low value commodity into higher value products. We understand especially the limitations of SMEs or local family farmers in terms of knowledge and resources, so we offer various options, with one single objective: make your products more valuable to the market, so you can sell more and earn more.

Here are some examples of what we have done with our local suppliers.

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Use the power of the crowd

While being a single buyer looking for best ingredients, you face many obstacles, too high MOQ, hard to justify logistic costs, lack of local support. Joining us together and our team will bring you to another level by leveraging our group buying, re-branding, combined shipment etc to.

Even better, join us in the ABCD Trading Group and browse through our many products from all over the world, you will find getting your products may even be easier than going to your grocery run.