Selling or buying across borders are always challenging, let alone sometime it’s across continents. Buyers and sellers are always faced with three biggest hurdles


How can we trust the buyer will pay for the goods? How can we trust the sellers are providing good quality products and can deliver on time? Anything that goes wrong can badly hurt your baseline.

Either you are selling, or buying, trust is always the first priority, especially you may be buying from (or selling to) someone who you have never met before.


Small sellers and buyers always find it difficult to break through to other markets given the transportation costs can be prohibitive to smaller volumes. It is also difficult to navigate through the multiple layers of Custom, Import Tax, Licenses, Approvals ….


Just putting up a website, or facebook page may give you more customers, but most of the time it only works in the local market. Language, Pricing (Currencies, tax…) and communications in different languages aren’t easily overcome.

Glorious ABCD makes it Safe and Easy

Blockchain and IoT

Glorious ABCD, partnering with Casean Technologies, build our trading on blockchain and IoT technologies that provide high level of trust. This is due to the fact that with Blockchain and IoT, information on the network can hardly lie. Rather than trying to trust someone you have never met, you can trust the information (entity, credit, products, shipment, and even payment) are always true.

Branding Options

You can work with us in different ways, since in Glorious we provide three different Brands for different customers.

The Glorious Premium Brand

The BOND Fair Trade Brand

Your Brand

Worldwide Connections

Our Principles, Fair and Open