Behind every obstacle lies an opportunity


Located in the faster growing trading hub in Asia, Glorious ABCD works with organizations around the world to overcome the various obstacles posted by cross-border trading.
To our customers, we are their gateway to the more opportunities, in Asia, and the world.

See how our customers work with us

Increase value

Making use of our knowledge in international sourcing, trading and local markets, they achieved costs saving and improvements in various operations.


Our global network open up many opportunities to our customers to build or expand their brands. Or become part of our premium brand of products.


Reduce the risk of entering a new market or find a new supply sources, we become partners so we can share expertise, infrastructure, networks.

Bringing ASEAN to the world

Special Projects

Glorious ABCD works with local partners in the region to bring their products to the world, while following our principles of value adding. We work with both suppliers, and NGOs and charities on special projects which you can easily be part of.

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